Curriculum Vitae

Liz Menard, O.S.A.

Printmaker/Visual Artist/Educator

Upcoming Solo & Group Exhibitions

June 2018                                               Washi Anniversary Exhibition (TBN) Japanese Paper Place, Toronto
September 2018                                    Natural Encounters (solo) Book Arts, Impact 10, Santander, Spain
                                                                  Barometric (group exhibition) Impact 10, Santander, Spain

Solo Exhibitions

August – November 2017                   Watershed (solo) Aurora Cultural Centre, Ontario
October – November 2016                 The Fall of the River Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
May 2015 – April 2016                        The River’s Nature Ecology and Environmental Biology Department, Earth Sciences Bldg, University of Toronto, Toronto
June – October 2014                            Tangled and Tame Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
May – September 2013                         Nature of the River Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto, Ontario
April – May 2013                                    A Sense of Place Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden, Ontario
December 2012 – Feb 2013                Landscapes Near and Far Hugh’s Room, Toronto, Ontario
October – December 2012                  Nature of the River Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
October – December 2012                  Itsy Bitsy Bookworks Zilberschmuck, Toronto, Ontario
June, 2011                                               Fandango in Washi (Washi Summit 2011) Toronto, Ontario
February – March 2011                        Urban Nature Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario
January – February 2011                     Wasteland and The City Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
January, 2011                                         Nature and The City Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Toronto, Ontario
April, 2007                                              Ephemerals George Gilmour Members Gallery, Open Studio, Toronto

Select Group and Juried Exhibitions

September                                                Small Press Book Arts Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto
May – August 2017                                Mosaic Ontario Society of Artists Annual Juried Exhibition, Aurora
June – July 2017                                    The Forest & the Trees Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimbsy, Ontario
March – May 2017                                 Natural/UNnatural Quest Art Gallery, Midland, Ontario
March 2017                                              Hello, I’m Sorry, I Love You SGC Printmaking Conference, Atlanta, GE
April – May 2017                                    The Living City Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
September – October 2016                  Members’ Exhibition OSA, Toronto, Ontario (Best in Show)
June – July 2016                                    Innovative Substrates Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
April 2016                                                OSA Annual Juried Exhibition Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
March – April 2016                               Annual Juried Exhibition Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario
February 2016                                        National Printmaking Exhibition Edinboro University, Pennsylvania, US
January – April 2016                            SHIFT: Environmentally Responsible Print Practices
                                                                   McMaster Art Gallery, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
October 2015–Feb 2016                       Framing Toronto – City of Toronto Art Acquisitions Toronto, Ontario
October 2015                                          Art Toronto Open Studio, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario
July – August 2015                                Open Sessions Open Studio, Toronto , Ontario
May 2015                                                 Editions Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
May 2015                                                 In Search of Beauty II Textile Museum Mezzanine Gallery, Toronto
April 2015                                               Myths and Legends Atelier 6, Bend, Oregon, United States
February – April 2015                          Considered Quest Art Gallery, Midland, Ontario (Juror’s Award)
February – May 2015                           Art of the Book 2013 
University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick
February – March 2015                       Winter in Canada Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden, Ontario
January – February 2015                    Art Integration City of Vaughan Juried Exhibition (Award of Merit)
October 2014                                          Inspire (Book Arts) Toronto, Ontario
August – November 2014                    Open Studio Presents Capitol One, Toronto, Ontario
July – September 2014                        Art of the Book 2013 Craft Ontario Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
July 2014                                                 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Toronto, Ontario
June – July, 2014                                  Art of the Book Saskatchewan Craft Council, Saskatchewan
May, 2014                                               The Print Show John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON (Curry’s Award)
May, 2014                                                In Search of Beauty Textile Museum of Canada Mezzanine, Toronto
January – May, 2014                            Art of the Book 2013 Rare Books Library, University of Victoria, BC
February – March 2014                        O.W.N. Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
July 2013 – December 2016                Art of the Book 2013 Museum of Contemporary Art, Calgary
October – November, 2013                   A Commitment to Washi Tokyo Okyaku Ginza, Tokyo, Japan + Toronto
October 2013                                           Art Toronto (with Open Studio), Toronto, Ontario
September – October 2013                  Carmichael Juried Landscape Exhibition Orillia, Ontario
September, 2013                                    Wilderness Memories The Art Space, Huntsville, Ontario
August, 2013                                            Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference Dundee, Scotland
June – July 2013                                    Jumelage Engramme Print Studio, Quebec City, Quebec + Toronto
May, 2013                                                The Print Show The John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON (JPP Award)
April – May 2013                                   What Lies Beneath Open Studio, Toronto
November – April 2013                        Corporate Exhibition Capital One, North York, Ontario
March 2013                                             ChildSight Papermill Gallery Todmorden Mills, Toronto
November 2012                                      De rerum natura World of Threads Oakville, Ontario
January – June 2012                              Urban Nature Pearson International Airport, Malton, Ontario
June – July 2012                                     Artists Against the Mega Quarry Toronto, Ontario
January 2012                                        Hot Off The Presses Interior Design Show (Open Studio) Toronto
October 2011                                           The Print Show John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Fall 2011                                                   Washi Exhibition Japanese Paper Place, Toronto, Ontario


Collections:                                          Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA),
                                                                    Library and Archives Canada,
                                                                    Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA),
                                                                    Bank of Montreal (BMO),
                                                                    Toronto Dominion Bank,
                                                                    Rogers Communications,
                                                                    City of Toronto Art Collection,      
                                                                    Japanese Paper Place,
                                                                    Whitby Station Gallery,
                                                                    Bodleian Rare Book Library, Oxford University, UK;
                                                                    Museum of Art, Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                                    Scottish Poetry Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland

Grants & Awards

2016-2017                                                Hexagon Special Projects Fellowship (Printmaking) Toronto
2016                                                          Best in Show Ontario Society of Artists, Toronto
2015                                                          Best in Printmaking Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto 
2015                                                          Juror’s Award Quest Art Gallery, Midland, Ontario
2015                                                          Award of Merit Art Integration Project, City Of Vaughan, Ontario
2014                                                          Curry’s Excellence Award The Print Show, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
2013                                                          Japanese Paper Place Award The Print Show, John B. Aird Gallery
2012                                                          OAC Exhibition Assistance Grants (Station Gallery & Textile Museum)
2011                                                           Nick Novak Fellowship Open Studio, Toronto
2010                                                          Frank Faubert Memorial Art Award / City of Toronto Purchase Award

Publications & Interviews

2018            Wayzgoose Anthology (2016, 2017 & 2018)
2017            Cutting Edge: Book Sculpture as Protest Art Book Arts Canada
2016            Open Studio’s History Printopolis
2016            SHIFT: Environmentally Responsible Print Practices, McMaster
2015            Etching a Valuable Addition to Your Book Arts Practice Book Arts Canada
2015            UPPERCASE Magazine, Featured Printmaker
2015            Winter in Canada Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden, Ontario
2013            The Art of the Book CBBAG
2013            Jumelage: A Collaborative Print Project
2012            “Mapping a Geography of Curious Surfaces” Maralynn Cherry
2011            “What’s hot? Loads of colour” R.M. Vaughan, The Globe & Mail
2010             Canadian Juried Landscape Exhibition Catalogue
2010              Around the Frayed Edges Catalogue 
2010             Surface & Symbol Featured Artist, Scarborough, Ontario
2008             World Washi Summit Catalogue

Artist Residencies

May 2018                                               Paper and Book Intensive  Oxbow School of the Arts, Michigan, United States
September – October 2016                Playa Summer Lake, Oregon, United States
February 2016                                       Atelier Circulaire Montreal, Quebec
May 2015                                                Oxbow School of the Arts Michigan, United States
July 2012                                                Non Toxic Intaglio Studio Capileria, Spain
November 2010                                     Engramme Quebec City, Quebec
February 2010                                       Atelier Circulaire Montreal, Quebec

Volunteer Work
November 2009 – present Board Member Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario,
Health and Safety Committee (Chair)
February – March 2011 Hiring Committee Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario Printopolis Committee Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario
2008 – 2009 Membership Committee Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario

Teaching, Demonstrations and Workshops

2018 University of Toronto, Faculty of the Information Studies 
2013 -2017 Non Toxic Printmaking Station Gallery, Whitby; Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Toronto; Toronto Botanical Gardens; Open Studio, Toronto
2012 Intaglio/Relief Printmaking Open Studio, Curry’s, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre (City of Toronto), Japanese Paper Place, Toronto
2008-2011 Printmaking Demos Open Studio, Curry’s
2008-2013 Watercolour, Curry’s

Recent Conferences and Education

September 2014 Panellist Mid America Print Council Conference, Detroit, Michigan
August 2013 Book Artist Exhibitor Impact 8 Dundee, Scotland
November 2010 Traffic: Conceptualism In Canada Toronto, Ontario
October 2010 Printopolis Toronto, Ontario
March 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference Chicago, Illinois
March 2008 Southern Graphics Council Conference Richmond, Virginia
June 2005 Master of Education University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

2012 – Present      Canadian Association of Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG)
2008 – Present     Open Studio
1999 – Present     Scarborough Arts
2011                       Ontario Crafts Council
1996 – 1997           Botanical Artists of Canada

Open Studio Toronto, Ontario
Textile Museum of Canada (Gift Shop) Toronto, Ontario